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PRINCE2 Training – Introduction to the PRINCE2 Themes

Published on 16.06.2014

The PRINCE2 method is based on 4 parts which are mutually dependent: principles, themes, processes, and the project environment. In our previous post we introduced the PRINCE2 Principles as the founding basis of this method. This post gives an overview of the PRINCE2 Themes, which are another important aspect of PRINCE2 training.

As mentioned in our previous post, the popularity of PRINCE2 training can be attributed to the way PRINCE2 is based on proven universal principles. During the PRINCE2 training course you will learn everything about this project management method and how to make it work in your project environment. The PRINCE2 Themes which are summarised below are essentially aspects that must be addressed by project management throughout the project lifecycle. There are seven themes, and they are all linked together. These themes address different aspects in the chronological flow of the project.

The seven PRINCE2 Themes:

1) Business Case:

This theme looks at the potential value that the project aims to bring to the organization from the outset. Throughout the project’s lifecycle this theme provides answers to why the project is actually needed.

2) Organization:

This theme describes the organisational structure. It looks at the roles and responsibilities of the project team and those in charge with delivering the project to its completion.

3) Quality:

This theme discusses quality aspects of the project deliverables, and most importantly how they will be delivered. The quality attributes of the products in scope need to be well understood by all project members, as well as the way to deliver this quality.

4) Plans:

Throughout the project, as explained frequently during the PRINCE2 training, communication and control focus on the plans. This theme supplements the Quality theme by describing the activities in planning, and matching the plans to the organization personnel.

5) Risk:

Risk is a part of any project. This theme is about catering for risk management in the project plans and in the context of the project environment.

6) Change:

Issues during projects are often inevitable: change requests, quality issues, or general problems are just some examples. The Change Theme helps project managers to assess the potential impact of such changes on the plan and on quality, and then act upon them.

7) Progress:

This theme addresses questions related to the current project status in relation to the plan. It also looks at the way forward and whether the project should carry on based on current performance and issues.


This was just a brief summary of the seven PRINCE2 Themes. If you’d like to know more then please keep reading our blog, see more information on the official PRINCE2 website, or book one of our PRINCE2 training courses. During the course we discuss each theme in detail, and take a closer look at the terms, purpose, approach and roles per theme.


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