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PRINCE2 Training Online Courses


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      Prince2 ONLINE Training - Foundation and Practitioner
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    • PRINCE2 ONLINE Training - Foundation Level
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PRINCE2 training online is designed to help project managers (and those that aspire to be) deliver value to projects in order to serve the company’s best interest and increase clients’ satisfaction.  Many people, after getting their PRINCE2 certificate, have experienced a steady growth in their career.

Looking at the actual numbers of PRINCE2 certificates that were issued we can easily see that aside from a small variation during 2009 and 2010 (which was probably caused by the global recession) PRINCE2 certifications has been continuously growing. Over 140,000 certificates are issues every year.

What is PRINCE2 Online Training all about?

PRINCE2 online training is divided to chapters which are matched to the PRINCE2 official manual. During the PRINCE2 online foundation training and the PRINCE2 online Practitioner training you will receive valuable guidance. The various PRINCE2 online training available is based on 7 PRINCE2 principles:

  • Defined roles and responsibilities for the people that are participating in the project
  • Continued business justification for the project, which allows the project manager and the business to constantly ensure the project is still viable
  • Manage by Stages, this allows continued business justification
  • Learning from experience (aka lessons learned), attempting not to make the same mistakes twice
  • Manage by Exceptions and allowing different tolerance levels to be set
  • Focus on Products and their quality
  • Tailored to the specific project environment, making it a generic best practice approach to project management

The PRINCE2 online training also focuses on the 7 themes of the PRINCE2 methodology.

PRINCE2 Online Training Objectives

The primary goal of the PRINCE2 foundation online training, and the PRINCE2 practitioner online training is to provide the delegates who have taken the training with valuable project management best practice methodology information. This information can then be used to overcome any critical situation and act more efficiently as project managers.

It is for this reason that PRINCE2 online training and PRINCE2 certification are the best practice project management framework worldwide.

The online courses we offer have many benefits. These include:

  • Maintain your own pace
  • Take the PRINCE2 Online training course from the convenience of your home
  • No need to lose working days
  • No need to travel
  • You can take the course in your free time and even do an online PRINCE2 Foundation Online Exam