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New PRINCE2 Practitioner Prerequisites

Direct route for PRINCE2 Training for experienced PMs

Published on 30.06.2014 Experienced project managers with PMI or IPMA qualification: PRINCE2 Training for Practitioner level can now be taken without the PRINCE2 Foundation prerequisite.

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PRINCE2 Training – Introduction to the PRINCE2 Themes

Published on 16.06.2014 The PRINCE2 Themes guide the management team in delivering the project. Read about the PRINCE2 themes which is part of our PRINCE2 training course.

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PRINCE2 Training – Introduction to PRINCE2 Principles

Published on 03.06.2014 The 7 PRINCE2 principles are the basis this project management method. Read about the PRINCE2 principles which is part of our PRINCE2 training course.

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The Value of PRINCE2 Training Online

Published on 12.05.2014 PRINCE2 training online courses offer much value to trainees. Read about how effective and efficient this training method can be to study PRINCE2.

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PRINCE2 training – Why is it so popular?

Published on 22.04.2014 More and more people are taking PRINCE2 training. What makes PRINCE2 training so essential for your career? Why is this qualification still so popular, even in light of other project management qualifications?

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How I passed my PRINCE2 Exams

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam and PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Success Tips

Published on 17.03.2014 PRINCE2 Foundation exam and PRINCE2 Practitioner exam success tips. How to prepare and increase your exam success chances. Read these tips.

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Getting your ITIL Certification

Published on 13.03.2014 ITIL’s demand is growing . There are numerous employers that paying high salaries for those that have ITIL certifications and experience in the best practices methodology.

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8 Myths about PRINCE2

Published on 02.02.2014 We've heard many excuses about why not use PRINCE2. Here are some of the common misconceptions about PRINCE2 that you should know about.

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Online Training Tips

Published on 01.02.2014 Online training is a great way to study new skills in a convenient and cost effective way. But what does it take to make it work? 6 powerful tips.

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Why sit the PRINCE2 Certification Training & Exam?

Published on 22.01.2014 What are the main reasons to take PRINCE2 training courses? we looked into a few causes and spoke with several people who recently got a PRINCE2 certification.

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