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About us


GIE Training was founded in 2008 by IT professionals with extensive experience spanning over 15 years in IT. The core management team spent their careers in software houses and enterprise organisations in various business arenas, including training, project management, software development, testing and quality assurance.

We founded GIE Training to try and make training better, helping beginners and professionals gain confidence and knowledge in the subjects that we teach, and look beyond the certification exam.  We have recently expanded our training and consulting offering into the realm of project management methodologies, bringing our own expertise in partnership with leading training bodies in the UK. We now offer fully accredited PRINCE2 Training and ITIL Training, that can help boost your CV potential and confidence in your skills.

Early on in our careers we took training courses to learn the new tools and skills that were needed to develop and progress professionally. We soon realised how unprepared we were after IT training, passing an exam and getting official certifications. Those courses were focused on textbooks and basic examples. However, real life tends to be more complicated and rarely presents you with textbook challenges to overcome.

Over the years, working in the IT industry in various managerial or technical roles, we met colleagues and recruited staff who had taken professional IT courses and held certificates and accreditation. It often became apparent to us that the certificates they gained did not provide the core skills required to deal with the day-to-day challenges of a modern fast-paced working environment. This was when we realised there is an inherent problem with the way IT courses are taught, and decided to make a change and help IT professionals improve their skills and be better prepared for those tough challenges. That is why all of our courses emphasize practical implementation on top of preparing you for the exam.

Experienced professionals, skilled trainers

The trainers we work with are all industry veterans who became IT instructors for the same cause. They are not only experienced in what they teach, but also skilled instructors who constantly receive excellent reviews from course participants. We believe we are on the right path in this journey, and we get encouragement from clients who see how we’re different and better.  It motivates us to continue that journey and grow.


GIE Training is owned and managed by:

GIE Consultants LTD
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Agile organisation
We pride ourselves in being flexible enough to take you personally, and resilient enough to teach you well. Our business model proved itself in enabling us to deliver high quality IT training without compromise, whilst maintaining a lean organisation and save on cost. That saving is transferred to our customers, and we are ale to offer competitive prices.

Work with us

If you are an IT professional with background in project management, software development or testing and with proven track record in your area of expertise, give us a call today to talk about ways to work together. Our growing course offering means we are always looking for freelance IT professionals who can walk the walk, and talk the talk (in that order). It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave your current job if you don’t want to, but be warned – training can be addictive.