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Boost your CV credibility and appeal with PRINCE2 and ITIL Training Bundle – both of which are highly desirable certificates. Book the PRINCE2 and ITIL Foundation training courses in this unique offering for a competitive price, and in 3 classroom days and an online course (depends on your personal progress) take your CV and management skills to a new level.

Both PRINCE2 and ITIL are in high demand by employers. More than 50% of advertised Project Management jobs have the two certifications mentioned. Now is the time to get certified using our unique offer.

These two officially accredited certifications give essential tools for any individual seeking to improve their daily engagement in project management and service management. The PRINCE2 Foundation training course will guide you about the PRINCE2 project management methodology, looking at its terminology and how it can be applied well in an effective way. Following that training is the ITIL Foundation training course which introduces you to the basics of the ITIL methodology, an essential part of the IT service management life cycle. In addition to preparing you to pass the PRINCE2 and ITIL Foundation exams, they focus on actually teaching you how to implement that knowledge in projects. The courses provide face-to-face classroom tuition with trainers that have years of experience in both training and the fields they are teaching.

The objective of the PRINCE2 Foundation course is to teach delegates about:

  • Best ways for planning and organisation of projects in PRINCE2
  • How to ensure quality of product by using the PRINCE2 methodology
  • Which processes to follow in order to complete a PRINCE2 project successfully from start-up to closure
  • The PRINCE2 Foundation exam


The objective of the ITIL Foundation course is to teach delegates about:

  • Key definitions, concepts and objectives
  • The service-driven life cycle approach of ITIL
  • The five key stages which are part of ITIL
  • The components, processes and structure of the 5 core ITIL books
  • The ITIL Foundation exam


Subjects Covered – PRINCE2 Foundation:

  • Overview of PRINCE2
  • Introduction to PRINCE2 Themes
  • Introduction to PRINCE2 Principles
  • Business Case
  • Organisation
  • Plans
  • Progress
  • Risk
  • Quality
  • Change
  • PRINCE2 Processes – from Start-up to Closing
  • PRINCE2 Tailoring
  • Exam practice


Subjects Covered – ITIL Foundation:

  • Introduction to the ITIL methodology
  • Key ITIL definitions
  • The IT Service Management life cycle (ITSM)
  • Best practice concepts in service management
  • What are the business values and objectives expected of each phase within the service life cycle
  • ITIL Processes and ITIL Functions
  • ITIL Key Principles and Models
  • Achieving continuous service improvement 

This 6-days (3 days + 3 days) course is a combination of frontal lectures and practical sessions. Our training is delivered by an APMG approved trainer with extensive hands-on experience of project management using PRINCE2 and ITIL methods.

Course delegates will receive:

  • The PRINCE2 Manual “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2: 2009 Edition”
  • The ITIL Manual
  • Pre-course study guides
  • Course Material covering the lecture material, with case study exercises, sample papers, marking schemes, and multiple choice questions
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Exam
  • ITIL Foundation Exam
  • Refreshments during the course

Course accreditation

We are a reseller and both ITIL and PRINCE2 courses are accredited by APMG. You can be absolutely certain that you are getting the best possible training using officially accredited training material and exams.

PRINCE2 and ITIL exams

Both PRINCE2 and ITIL require you to pass exams in order to get certified. You must pass official exams (included in the course) in order to get ITIL and PRINCE2 certificates.
The ITIL exam lasts 60 minutes and includes 40 multiple-choice questions, of which you need to answer 26 correctly in order to pass.  This exam can be taken online.
The PRINCE2 exam is also comprised of multiple-choice questions, and you have to 35 correct answers out of 70 questions in order to pass.
Exams are taken on the last day of each part of the course.

Excellent training material

The Accredited Training Organization (ATO) which GIE Training is a reseller for, developed this officially accredited training material for PRINCE2 and for ITIL. This ATO gets top rated exam results and has a track record in ITIL and PRINCE 2 consulting and training. Their use of best practice training methods together with practical experience from years of consulting makes a difference, and the results speak for themselves.

Killer combination – Who is this for?

These PRINCE2 and ITIL Foundation courses are designed to introduce managers and total beginners to these two highly sought after certifications. It suits those who are going to be or are already:

    • Team Leads
    • Service Managers
    • Project Support staff
    • Project Managers at all levels
    • Programme Managers
    • Project Management Consultants

Preparing for the course

Both PRINCE2 and ITIL require some preparation before training starts in class. We recommend you prepare for at least 15 hours for PRINCE 2 using our pre-course study guide. This is to enable you to make the most of the added value from your trainer during the course. You might wish to prepare for longer if you do not have much experience or worry about exams. If you are able to study quickly you may need less time. ITIL preparation is shorter, and requires about 8 hours. Do not try to avoid self study, since these two courses can be intensive. You will need to be a fast student and spend every waking moment during the period of the course dedicated to studying for the exam, if you don't prepare enough. You might also miss out on the added value from your trainer’s wealth of experience.

How the PRINCE2 and ITIL Foundation course is arranged

This course is planned to start with the PRINCE2 Foundation on the first 3 days (Monday – Wednesday), and then ITIL Foundation course can be taken online at any time in your connivence. You can choose to start your training with ITIL and then move to PRINCE2 classroom training. This will allow you time to prepare for the ITIL course, and balance your other work/life commitments in the remaining business days.