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Our trainer was a phenomenal blend of enthusiasm, professionalism and technical knowledge. (H.O.)

They demonstrated excellent technical knowledge and experience of test processes and tools. (I.G.)

I was very impressed by the trainer for this course as he seemed to have extremely wide real life experience with testing automation (A.T.)

I don't know how you can manage to deliver such good service while having prices that are so competitive , well done ! looking forward for my next course with you! (O.G.)


According to the market data from January 2014, PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is up 10 places in its rank from last year. As the IT job market is starting to get back on its tracks, it’s important to keep yourself desirable to potential employers. PRINCE2 certification has become a common prerequisite in many job adverts. Around the world, including the UK, more and more project managers get PRINCE2 training, and a growing number of employers demand this skill. More than 600,000 PRINCE2 exams and PRINCE2 training were taken in the UK so far. Nearly 60,000 PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams were taken globally just in the last 6 months of 2013. The numbers speak for themselves.
Some chose to take their PRINCE2 training course in the shape of Online Training. PRINCE2 Training Online allowed them to continue their day to day jobs while getting the PRINCE2 certification from the comfort of their homes.

Many organisations offered their staff to take an in-house PRINCE2 training course. Some of these organisations already implemented PRINCE2 practices or looking to implement them soon. There is little doubt today regarding the de facto position of PRINCE2 as the dominating best practice project methodology of choice in the UK and worldwide. A PRINCE2 training course will not only provide you with a certification but will also help you improve your employment prospect. The PRINCE2 Course and the PRINCE2 Training online are not only about the theory but also about improving your skills when managing projects.

PRINCE2 Training online – Isn’t it time consuming?

Not necessarily. The PRINCE2 Training online for the foundation level only takes 20 hours to go through. The PRINCE2 Training online for the practitioner level is longer and can take 30-40 hours, depending on the individual.

PRINCE2 Training Course – Is it just for my CV?

Absolutely not. It would be wrong to think that if you are a well versed and experienced project manager, you do not need PRINCE2 training and certification. Many experienced project managers agree that PRINCE2 certification goes beyond being yet another fancy acronym to put on your CV. This methodology embodies years of best practice in project management and provides a flexible and customisable approach to suit all projects. Many of those who took PRINCE2 training agreed it contributed a lot to their project management skills.

We asked a project manager with over 15 years’ experience about what he thinks about this training:

“With my experience I didn’t think I would learn any new things in this training course. However, I knew how important it is to keep on top of project management methodologies and remain updated in what’s in demand, because sometimes employers look for certificates in addition to experience. I decided to take PRINCE2 training because I had come across this skill as an essential certification while looking for contract work, and heard from my professional …

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